The HIP Plan is your opportunity to highlight key features of the property and to build excitement and a sense of urgency to call you NOW! We have provided a tool to indicate your go to market price (ARV) and to give an indication of the Days to Complete and discount to ARV. The benefits suggest your willingness to pass through project savings to the buyer in the form of a discount in exchange for a commitment to buy. If you need help please do not hesitate to contact us to work it through. Let’s go; follow these 5 easy steps!

  1. Signup

  2. Select a program suited for your needs.

  3. Complete a HIP Plan

  4. Home Price - ARV

  5. Upload required data

HIPHom support will take it from here. We will complete a sketch of your project, write a description and record it as a 30 second spot. Once finalized, we will launch it and contact you.

Take a moment to review the property and your Fixer profiles. If you see any items you would like to revise please contact us at

Here is how you can help. The more you leverage the resources of HIPHom the faster your property will sell. First, copy the links to your property and HIPHOM email to friends and family. Post them to all social media sites you may use (FB, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter) ask your friends to like them. Consider printing copies of your property profile and distributing at locations of convenience.

Let’s sell it! The leads generated are a valuable asset to be managed. Keeping the lead management report updated on your Dashboard will enable us to stay in contact with the buyer and continually improve our methods. Next, familiarize yourself with the HIPHom Buyer agreement and checklist. We are standardizing the forms to streamline the process to save time and money.

Pre-selling a Home in Process is smart; let us show you why. This chart reflects costs for selling a flipped home after completion as compared to the savings derived if the home is sold in process. As you see the benefits can be substantial. The ARV on this example is $350,000 with mortgage/construction costs of $265,000.

In today’s market the average time to sell a home is in the range of 60-90 days, as such, the associated cost will be in the range reflected on line D. At 90 days, it is $(30,385) in this example.

If your Home is sold in Process the benefit can translate into a profit potentially greater than 40%* (see line H). At 90 days it is 55.6%. Let’s Go!!

HIP Benefit$$* Traditional Flipped Sale Expense
Home Value(ARV): $ 350,000
Mortgage/Construction: $ 265,000 Avg days on Market
Item Description 30 60 90 120
A Cost of money $ (2,000) $ (4,000) $ (6,000) $ (8,000)
B Carrying Cost $ (1,128) $ (2,257) $ (3,385) $ (4,513)
C Real Estate Fees 6% $ (21,000) $ (21,000) $ (21,000) $ (21,000)
D Savings/Expense* $ (24,128) $ (27,257) $ (30,385) $ (33,513)
E Gross Profit $ 85,000 $ 85,000 $ 85,000 $ 85,000
F Traditional Sale Net Profit $ 60,872 $ 57,743 $ 54,615 $ 51,487
G HIPHom Net Profit $ 85,000 $ 85,000 $ 85,000 $ 85,000
H HIPHom Profit Improvement 39.6% 47.2% 55.6% 65.1%

On your Fixer Dashboard this calculator is available in documents for your use.

*Your experience may vary based on actual results and interest rates.

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